Universe wants to stay unknowable and it uses this simple trick…

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Oct 5, 2023

Consider for a moment a universe vastly simpler than our own, comprising just three elements: an apple, an orange, and you. You know that there are only 3 classes of entities in this universe (apples, oranges, and yourself) and want to know if number of objects in each class can be even. Being a non-omnipresent being you can rely only on observations from a single point of space.

You count apples (one), you count oranges — and get two because the apple mirrors the orange. Then you count youself and get two as well, because you see own reflection in the apple. You know that you are only one, but you may not notice the same about the orange, after all, extra images can be created by many different phenomena.

Let’s return to our real universe. Look around and ask yourself: If I wanted to count objects of each class, would I get “even” more often than “odd” because of all these mirroring objects around? This is a valid concern because odd becomes even in a mirror while even stays even. There is a problem of matter-antimatter asymmetry, but what if some of matter we look at is actually antimatter and we see this only when all “mirrors” are removed in a scientific experiment?

Another question, related to Artificial Intelligence, can be raised: If the natural intelligence of human beings emerged in conditions when we had no information about the true nature of the universe and we often were distorting this information, do we want artificial intelligence to behave similar to ours?

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