Get ready to dive into Qubic, an innovative useful-Proof-of-Work crypto platform that's changing the game. The name "Qubic" comes from the acronym "QBC" which stands for "Quorum-Based Computation"

Community & Founder

Qubic is a community-driven project, completely open source and under anti-military license. Qubic is founded by Sergey Ivancheglo AKA Come-From-Beyond, the creator and co-creator of the first full PoS & DAG protocol (NXT & IOTA).



Community members



40 M+

Smart Contract transfers per second


Initial Idea - Optimised since then

Fair Launch

No premine or VC money involved

Q2 2022

Mainnet live since April 2022

10.5 Trl+

$QUBIC burned in 3 Smart Contract-IPOs so far


Dynamic assembly of Computors (Validators) for decentralization

Smart Contracts

Qubic's Smart Contracts differ significantly from others. Each contract must pass a Quorum proposal vote, ensuring only useful and legitimate contracts are added. When a Smart Contract is accepted, it's launched via an IPO with 676 shares. The $QUBIC spent on these shares is locked into the Smart Contract, reducing $QUBIC's circulating supply and paying for contract execution. Shareholders earn passive income from contract fees. The contract is self-sustaining until the locked $QUBIC is depleted, after which a portion of shareholder fees funds further execution. The first three Smart Contracts alone burned over 10.5 trillion $QUBIC.

The Quorum Protocol

The Quorum protocol operates with 676 Computors (Validators) handling transactions, executing smart contracts, securing the blockchain, and liaising with Oracle Machines. It ensures finality and reliability by requiring over two-thirds (451+) of Computors to agree on a result. Qubic achieves this with an average block-time of 7 seconds, thanks to its efficient "bare metal" code execution. Previously, Qubic had a block-time of 0.2 seconds and plans to return to sub-second block-times after scheduled Computor-Node upgrades in Q2, Q3, and Q4 of 2024.

Oracle Machines

Oracle Machines will be used to make Qubic Smart Contracts even Smarter by resolving events through trustworthy data such as stock prices, sports scores, or sensor readings and much more. Also Oracles will give Aigarth ability to observe the outer world and Outsourced Computations.

AI Aigarth

Aigarth is an AI-software running on top of Qubic that get it´s information from many hundreds of thousands of Qubic-AI-miners which are creating billions artificial neural networks (ANNs) with their computational power.

The goal is to create an open source true AI public available for everyone.


Unlike traditional Proof-of-Work platforms that consume massive amounts of energy for mining, Qubic boasts a useful-Proof-of-Work system that leverages mining capacities for AI training.

Feeless Transactions & offline payment verification

Qubic is one of the few layer 1 which doesn't charge for making value transfers.
Finality ensures that votes from 451 Computors (The Quorum) are reliable for offline payment verification.

© 2024 Qubic. All Rights Reserved.


© 2024 Qubic. All Rights Reserved.


© 2024 Qubic. All Rights Reserved.