Qubic Steering Committee Bi-Weekly Update

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Qubic Team

Jun 24, 2024

We are excited to share the latest bi-weekly update from the Qubic Steering Committee (SteCo). This detailed report highlights our ongoing projects, recent progress, and upcoming plans across various domains, including governance, listings, technology, marketing, community, and operations.

SteCo Governance

Full-Time Transition: SteCo has transitioned to a full-time team dedicated to advancing Qubic’s mission. This change ensures that our efforts are consistent and our strategies are executed effectively.

New Additions: We are pleased to welcome tom55 (Community) and Talentnodes (Operations) to SteCo. Their expertise will strengthen our community and operational capabilities.

Improved Structure: The new structure aligns all teams at Qubic—tech, marketing, community, operations, partnerships, and legal—allowing for more frequent and detailed reporting to the community.

Listings and Partnerships

Current Listings: We have successfully listed on two exchanges (XT, Bit2Me), with three more listings in the pipeline. Our focus remains to list on exchanges with large user bases.

Strategy: We are targeting strategic and opportunistic listings to maximize our reach and impact. Free or low-cost listings are also considered but are not our primary focus.


Wallet App Testing: We are actively testing the Qubic Wallet App on iOS and Android platforms to ensure a smooth user experience.

EURO 2024 Quottery: Development of an MVP/POC for the EURO 2024 Quottery is underway. This fun project will allow participants to bet on quotes for the final 16 contenders.

Wallet Integrations: The Metamask Snap Wallet for Qubic is being rolled out, and Tangem Wallet integration is starting. The Heat Wallet integration is nearly complete.


Front End Engineers: We are looking for new Front End engineers to join our team. For more information, contact @unbotheredlapwing.

Project Management: We have established project management and issue tracking in GitHub


Structured Approach: We are building a structured marketing team with accountable people and onboarding content producers. A LATAM Representative for Qubic was onboarded.

Global PR Campaigns: Our PR agency for global reach has started, with advanced campaigns being developed for specific countries (e.g., Korea, Japan, China).

Event and Hackathons: We are planning global events and hackathons to fuel our ecosystem. Hong Kong Event, South Korea Event, Costa Rica Event. The Zealy Campaign has been launched to boost community engagement.


Moderation and CM Team: Initial efforts to build a strong moderation and CM team have shown improvements. We are enhancing communication with the tech teams to anticipate and address support issues.

Documentation Involvement: We plan to involve CMs and Mods more in documentation to improve support quality. Share your ideas on how to improve CM and be prepared to help execute them.

Operations & Finance Ops

Organization: We are building an efficient operations organization to improve information flow and operational efficiency. This includes a centralized back-office for pay, time tracking, and information management in Notion.

Strategic Objectives: We are ensuring we have clear strategic objectives, a public roadmap, and metrics to measure progression and impact.

Unified Goals: SteCo is guided towards unified goals while being held accountable. We are hiring across teams to support our growing needs. Open Roles

What is SteCo?

SteCo is the governance body of Qubic, elected by the “quorum” to ensure network security and streamline activities that drive Qubic’s growth. Our mission is to pioneer advancements in the blockchain and AI domains.

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© 2024 Qubic. All Rights Reserved.


© 2024 Qubic. All Rights Reserved.