Qubic's Journey to One Million Users

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Qubic Team

May 12, 2024

Founded in 2012 by Sergey Ivancheglo, also known as Come-from-Beyond, the creator of the first full PoS & DAG protocols NXT & IOTA, Qubic launched in April 2022. With a rapidly growing community of over 90,000 members and 550,000 miners, Qubic is a community-driven, open-source effort dedicated to building the first decentralized Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) by integrating AI with blockchain technology.

Qubic employs a unique "uPoW" (Useful Proof of Work) approach, utilizing computational power not just for securing transactions and preventing malleability but also to provide economic incentives that fuel the development of its sophisticated AI, Aigarth. 

As part of its strategic growth, Qubic is targeting to expand its ecosystem to one million users, propelled by upcoming exchange listings and targeted marketing initiatives in Asia. This strategy leverages the dual roles within its ecosystem: Computors, who manage and secure transactions, and Miners, who support the learning and evolution of Qubic's AI, Aigarth. Together, they redefine the efficiency and decentralization of traditional PoW systems, aligning them with Qubic's innovative technological ambitions.

Building a Strong Foundation for Global Influence

QUBIC has achieved a significant milestone, with over 460,000 active wallet addresses and a market capitalization that reached one billion last month. These achievements underscore the growing adoption and impact of Qubic’s technology. The team has been strengthened for global expansion with key hires: Eric Fung as the Asia Ecosystem Representative and Alberto Fernandez for Europe. Eric’s deep expertise in cryptocurrency will enhance QUBIC’s presence in Asian markets, while Alberto’s technical experience in distributed ledger technology will boost European operations.

Furthermore, a major event in Madrid highlighted Qubic’s dedication to advancing AI integration within distributed ledger technology. This event gathered Spain’s top AI experts, driving critical discussions for the future of AI and distributed ledger technology integration. These developments not only reflect QUBIC’s current success but also bolster its potential for future growth and its position as a market leader.

Setting Industry Standards with Smart Contract Innovations

At the heart of Qubic's success is its pioneering technology, particularly the Aigarth AI system. Aigarth utilizes the processing power of Qubic miners for AI-related tasks, optimizing resource use efficiently. Enhancing this efficiency, Qubic's innovative smart contracts have demonstrated industry-leading performance with a proven mainnet execution of 40 million transfers per second. Additionally, QUBIC offers a feeless transaction structure, which stands out in a market where high transaction fees can deter potential users. Coupled with offline payment verification capabilities, Qubic positions itself as a highly user-friendly option within the cryptocurrency landscape.

Impact of Major Listings and Strategic Partnerships

The recent listings of Qubic's native coin on prominent exchanges like Gate.io and Ascendex mark a significant milestone, setting the stage for mass adoption and increasing accessibility for worldwide traders. These developments not only boost Qubic's visibility but also enhance its appeal as a viable investment and utility option for new users. Being featured on these well-respected platforms elevates QUBIC's credibility and strengthens its market presence, which is essential for attracting a diverse range of users.

Furthermore, Qubic's strategic efforts include forming partnerships with key fintech and technology stakeholders. These alliances are instrumental in tapping into external expertise and embedding QUBIC’s distributed ledger technology solutions across a variety of industries. Such collaborations are anticipated to spur innovation and accelerate user adoption, paving the way for Qubic to reach its goal of one million users more efficiently.

Qubic’s Strategic Marketing Initiatives

Qubic's marketing strategies are meticulously designed to educate the market on its unique features, showcasing the integration of blockchain and AI technologies, as well as its pioneering AI mining capabilities and self-funding smart contracts. With an aim to attract developers and foster a robust ecosystem, Qubic is executing comprehensive targeted campaigns and outreach initiatives. These efforts focus on engaging a broad audience that includes crypto enthusiasts and professionals from the fintech and tech sectors who are in search of revolutionary solutions.

To enhance its reach and impact, Qubic is partnering with major Asian news outlets and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to disseminate key messages about its AI miners and innovative smart contracts. This strategic collaboration is intended to amplify QUBIC's visibility and appeal, particularly in the Asian markets, which are critical for its global expansion.

A Vision for Growth and Innovation

The need for ongoing innovation and its steadfast dedication to pioneering AI with blockchain technology keeps it on track. Qubic is overcoming these hurdles through its leadership in real-world AI applications, particularly AI mining, which positions it to revolutionize the industry.

Qubic is committed to facilitating the adoption of AI in a fair, accessible and open source manner. This initiative fosters global tech community innovation, enabling the creation and implementation of AI solutions that tackle real-world challenges. With its strategic focus and groundbreaking technology, Qubic is optimistically shaping a future where its platforms offer unmatched efficiency, scalability and accessibility, laying the foundation for a revolutionary AGI.

© 2024 Qubic. All Rights Reserved.


© 2024 Qubic. All Rights Reserved.


© 2024 Qubic. All Rights Reserved.