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Currently Qubic is one of the most profitable Proof-of-Work projects.

But not only that Qubic mining is profitable, Qubic mining is useful!

The Qubic Approach: AI Training as useful-Proof-of-Work

The Qubic ecosystem pushes the boundaries of the traditional PoW by employing AI training tasks in its consensus mechanism. Here, validators, known as Computors, backed by miners, often referred to as "AI miners," transforms the computational energy expended in the mining process into valuable, beneficial outcomes.

The uPoW protocol directs this computational power of nearly hundred thousand AI-miners towards the AI-training which are creating billions artificial neural networks (ANNs).

The goal is to create with this AI-Training an open source, public available true AI
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General Explanation

In Qubic we have Computors and AI-Miners. A Computor is one of 676 Validators and is responsable for the protocol, they have to execute smart contracts in time, communicate with oracles, secure the network and handle for transactions and asset transfers.

Based on their network performance, every Computor can earn up to

1,479,289,940 $QUBIC per epoch, which is one week from wednesday 12 UTC until next wednesday 12 UTC. (avg Computor earning 90-98%)

To become a Computor, miners are needed to mine for solutions. Solutions are datasets for the AI, Aigarth which is built on top of Qubic. 

In the first epoch of participation the identity (ID) is concidered as a Candidate and contribute to AI training without receiving compensation ($QUBIC). If you have qualified your ID as a Computor with the help of your AI-miners by beeing under the top 676 in mining for solutions, you can start earning $QUBIC from the next epoch. 

Per epoch a maximum of one trillion $QUBIC can be rewarded to all 676 Computors.

While there can be an unlimited number of Candidates fighting for one of the rare Computor spots, not more then 225 out of 676 Computors per epoch can can be replaced by new candidates who then become Computors. If more candidates are joining the competition every participant needs more miners to mine for enough solutions and stay under the top 676 in solution ranking.



Most Pool-Operators pay you immediately at the end of every epoch (also at the first Epoch on participation!) based on your performance in finding solutions (datasets) for Aigarth.

To learn more about pool-fees and the different pools, join our Discord

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© 2024 Qubic. All Rights Reserved.

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