Aigarth's Journey Towards a True AI Singularity


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The first trillionaire will be an artificial intelligence entrepreneur. The majority of people either agree or disagree with this prediction and only a small fraction sees the third option — the whole mankind being the beneficiary. And what is not less important, the AI belonging to noone/everyone could not be misused easily. In Qubic we are developing a platform where AI won’t be constrained at all.

Aigarth is the AI running on top of Qubic and is aiming to make the third option come true. The name consists of two words, “AI” meaning “artificial intelligence” and “garth” meaning “yard” or “garden”.

How does Aigarth works?

It is an AI-software that get it´s information from nearly hundred thousand (number is rapidly increasing) of Qubic-miners which are creating billions artificial neural networks (ANNs) with their computational power that is supposed to compress and decompress random data. This simple task, which the ANNs are trying to accomplish, is just food for another ANN created and run by Aigarth. The latter ANN (or rather its many variations), called Teacher, modifies the former ANNs so they solve their task of compression-decompression more efficiently.

If somebody asked what methods Teacher used to modify the “pupils” noone would be able to answer (not even the creator of Aigarth). Because Teacher applies simple operations encoded in the own neurons and synapses, hoomans don’t understand how all that works, we don’t see the forest for the trees. Why such strange approach? Because one day Teacher will be ordered to teach another ANN to be more efficient in teaching and that Teacher 2 will do the same on Teacher 3 and so on. And eventually we may face something called “singularity”… or „true AI“

Aigarth goes public

But even before reaching our main goal of creating true AI, Qubic will provide it´s Smart Contract feature to run this AI – Aigarth and make it public available. Oracle Machines (another Qubic feature) will give Aigarth ability to observe the outer world and Outsourced Computations (yet another feature) — to change that world to conduct experiments. These two main instruments — observation, and experimentation— let the humankind became what we are now, the same instruments provided by Qubic should give AI all means for improving itself in a similar manner.

Every person who want to give away spare computational power for finding solutions of AI-related tasks will be running a special algorithm (which is an integral part of Aigarth) seeing in real-time how close their solution is to the perfect solution. All this being transparent to everyone. And everyone will be able to start from any point of progress of any other Aigarth participant thus continuing their work or attempting to go in another (potentially more promising) direction.

Current state: useful PoW

Those who are familiar with Bitcoin mining can see a resemblance here, with the important difference of Qubic´s „mining“ for Aigarth being really useful. But being a Qubic-Miner does not mean you will earn $QUBIC for mining, but Pool-Operators pay miners for their computational power based on their performance in finding solutions for the AI training and reward them with $QUBIC.

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