2nd Qubic Steering Committee Bi-Weekly Update


Qubic Team


We are pleased to share the latest bi-weekly update from the Qubic Steering Committee (SteCo). It highlights our ongoing projects, recent progress, and upcoming plans across various domains, including governance, listings, technology, marketing, community, and operations.

SteCo Governance

We are currently developing our 2024/2025 Strategic Plan and Roadmap. The Qubic Team has been actively involved in creating an exciting roadmap, which we plan to present to the community during an AMA session next week.

Listings and Partnerships

  • CoinEx Listing

  • Bitpanda Listing

  • Bitget Listing


  • Auto Conflict Resolution: Enhancements in the main net to ensure smooth operations.

  • Wallet Releases: iOS wallet released, with Android wallet soon to follow.

  • Quottery MVP: Initial version released for user engagement.

  • Public RPC/API: Available for broader developer access.


  • Onboarding Resources: Strengthening our marketing team additions of technical/content writers.

  • Events:

    • Costa Rica Summit

    • SMW Metacon 2024

  • Press Releases: Ongoing efforts to increase visibility. #qubic-press

  • Documentation: Initiating the re-writing of all Qubic explainer documents.

Operations & Finance

  • Strategy Workshops: Conducted several roadmap strategy workshops.

  • Applicant Tracking System: Implementing a system to efficiently manage job applications and candidates, replacing the previous Google Sheets method.

  • Legal Counsel: Engaging legal experts to explore organizational formation.

  • Notion Automation: Further automating processes on Notion for enhanced efficiency.

What is SteCo?

SteCo is the governance body of Qubic, elected by the “quorum” to ensure network security and streamline activities that drive Qubic’s growth. Our mission is to pioneer advancements in the blockchain and AI domains. We look forward to your participation in our upcoming AMA session and to sharing more exciting developments with you.

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© 2024 Qubic. All Rights Reserved.

Chinese (China)

© 2024 Qubic. All Rights Reserved.

Chinese (China)