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2 июл. 2024 г.

Unveiling Aigarth Demystifying AI

We are excited to announce our plan to demystify the complex world of AI with a series of easy-to-understand explanations about Aigarth. Aigarth is a groundbreaking initiative in AI development, still years from completion. By starting our educational campaign early, we aim to address common fears and curiosities about AI technology. Stay tuned as we unravel these mysteries over the summer!

Launch of Our New Mobile Proof of Concept Game

We are thrilled to release a new mobile proof of concept game designed to simulate the challenges AI faces in learning and planning. Inspired by the concept of gradient descent, this game encourages players to navigate through various landscapes in a phase space, symbolizing the pursuit of knowledge. Our AI will engage directly in a dynamic environment alongside human players, allowing us to observe and enhance its learning capabilities in real-time!

Game Highlights

Inspired by Science: Drawing inspiration from gradient descent, this game challenges both humans and AI to navigate complex landscapes within a phase space.

3D Landscapes: Each hilltop represents a milestone of understanding, challenging players to reach ever higher peaks of insight.

A Test and a Teacher: This game serves as a proof of concept showcasing how AI can adapt, plan, and learn within interactive scenarios.

This game not only offers a fun and engaging experience but also provides a glimpse into Aigarth technology. Initially available for humans, future versions will challenge AI with progressively harder tasks, fostering skills in planning and strategy.

Dive deeper into the concept and check out the gradient descent video on Wikipedia to get a feel for the game's world.

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